Earlier this week I planted my garden! This was my big goal for the spring, and it is so exciting to actually have my plants in the ground.

Before planting I read about how to plant vegetables organically. I specifically wanted to learn about companion planting because my aunt told me about this and she does it in her garden. Companion planting means planting different plants right next to each other specifically to benefit the plants.



Homemade Almond Milk

I have been using almond milk for about six years now, and I have always just gotten the store-bought kind. I didn’t like all of the ingredients on the label, but I figured it was better than conventional cow’s milk (which comes from sick, feed-lot cows on growth hormones and anti-biotics). Last week I went on YouTube and made my first batch of fresh almond milk. And it was delicious. I’m never going back. It just tastes so fresh. And honestly I never even drank the store-bought almond milk straight, I just used it in cooking and occasionally for granola. But this homemade stuff, I can drink it and it is just amazing. So I just had to share.

This is the YouTube video I found. The recipe is super easy, and this video gives you a “cheat version” too. (Although I must say, I’ve tried both and I think the real stuff tastes better)

Have you made almond milk? How did you like it?


This spring my big goal is to plant a garden. The last time I had a garden was when I was about ten and my mom squared off a little section for each of us kids to have a small garden. Fun times, but I don’t really know how to grow things, so this will be a new adventure for me. I’m excited!

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I Am Grateful to do Laundry


“How much of life do we miss by waiting to see the rainbow before thanking God that there is rain?” – President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

This was my favorite quote from conference. Maybe because I feel like there has been a lot of rain in my life lately. And I need to learn to be happy through it.

This year so far has been pretty challenging. In February and March, Coleman worked really long hours at his job, so we didn’t get to see him much. And since I am still trying to adjust to being a stay-at-home-mom (and really a mom in general), this was really hard. More

Homemade Lotion


When I was pregnant I was searching the Internet for holistic advice on pregnancy. I found this recipe for stretch mark cream, and although I really wasn’t concerned about stretch marks (I hear they are mainly genetic, but healthy lifestyle also helps to limit them too), I decided to try it for fun. I had never made lotion before, and I’m all about making my own everything because if I make it, then I don’t have to worry about toxins, additives, or other not-so-great ingredients. Added bonus: homemade products are usually cheaper. More

Rowen Mae’s Birth Story

I know this is…four (almost five!) months late, but I thought I would share my birth story. A little background: For as long as I can remember, I knew I was going to birth naturally, or at least give it a try. I don’t like to take pain relievers or any regular conventional medicine, so I think this was part of the reason for not wanting pain relief during (or after) labor. And then I read a ton about it when I was pregnant, and we took birth classes from our doula, Linda, which was so so helpful. But in the weeks leading up to my due date, whenever I would think about labor I would get a little scared. Lindy recommended that I read Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth, written by a hippie midwife. More

Recommended Readings: Books on Alternative Health

As a follow-up to her cancer story, my Mom wanted to share a list of the books she read that helped her to understand illness and healing. She has grouped the books into four sections. Here are the sections with her descriptions:


A Survival Story: Healing Cancer from Within

At the end of my senior year in high school, my Mom was diagnosed with stage-three melanoma. She has since fully recovered by using alternative methods of treatment. Because the conventional medicine was not working effectively (it actually seemed to be doing more harm than good), my Mom sought out other treatment options. She learned about the impact that environmental toxins and nutrition have on cancer, and she completely changed her diet. Her experience was a turning point that caused me to begin changing my diet and lifestyle, which is still evolving as I continue to research and learn. Below, my Mom shares her story. She shares her experience, followed by some advice for anyone who is currently dealing with cancer. The following is in her own words:

grandma, me, and mom

Homemade Laundry Soap

Before I had my baby, I had a few days of no work and a little extra energy (because I was “nesting” as they say). I completely reorganized my kitchen and pantry, got everything ready for baby, and made laundry soap! I had been meaning to for quite some time before then, but I just hadn’t gotten around to doing it. But I am very glad that I got around to it because it is super easy, cheap, and healthy!

Laundry Soap

Three Steps to Sprouting in a Jar


While I was off at college, my mom sprouted for a while to help get rid of her cancer. I wasn’t really in the house when she did that, so while she was already familiar with this, I hadn’t ever grown them. Then, about a year and a half ago, I learned about the “raw food diet”. This is, in my opinion, one of the hardest diets to follow because it means that you don’t eat anything cooked! Well mostly, most raw foodies still eat some cooked food, but the majority of their diet consists of uncooked food. More

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