My Experience with Essential Oils for Pregnancy

I thought I would share my experience with essential oils during pregnancy and delivery. I started the oils around the time I got pregnant, and I loved them. I think they made pregnancy a lot easier. My doula gave me the book “Essential Oils for Pregnancy, Birth, & Babies” by Stephanie Fritz to read, and I used some of the ideas from this book. I also went on for tips on how to use them best during pregnancy. I found both these resources very helpful. I used the oils that felt right for me, but every body is different. So I would suggest to pay attention to what feels right with your body and go with that. Here were my favorite oils during pregnancy:

Loved this on for morning sickness (that lasted all day for the first four months). It was amazing. I would feel so so sick at work, and just a drop of ginger right over my tummy would take away the sickness for several hours. I have also heard that Fennel works for morning sickness. For me, ginger was the best.

I liked this one for keeping sickness away. I would put it on my feet usually at night off and on throughout, especially when others around me were sick. I only actually got sick once… maybe twice during my pregnancy, and OnGuard also helped during those times.

This one was great for giving me energy. I would be quite tired at work, and I just put one drop under my tongue and it would wake me right up. I would still use this one, but it might cause problems with milk supply, so I avoided it for a while after delivery. I started to smell it and touch it just a little bit, and I haven’t noticed a decrease though.

I drank (and still drink) this in my water for gentile cleansing. It has the bonus of making water taste good too!

I had a kind of stressful work environment while I was pregnant. I was already trying to get everything ready for the baby, prepare myself for labor, and then I had to talk to angry people on the phone and deal with workplace issues… so it was kind of a stressful time. I loved to just smell the Balance blend. It helped me to stay more sane.

Deep Blue:
This oil was quite nice for my lower back. It would get sore, and it felt very nice.

was so great for sleeping. I know lots of women complain about not being able to sleep during their last trimester, but I didn’t really have that problem, and if I did them Lavender would help me to sleep again.

I understand that you should go easy on Cypress during pregnancy, so I did, but I put it on my feet (away from my ankles though- that is the reflexology point for the uterus), to reduce and prevent swelling. I think it worked quite well because while I could tell that I was swelling up a bit, no one else really could. Every time I went to the doctors they would comment on how small my feet and ankles were, and I know Cypress helped with that!

So, those were my favorite for during pregnancy. The following are the ones I used during and after delivery:

We diffused lavender while I was having contractions. It was calming.

Clary Sage:
I used this on my tummy during contractions to make them stronger (to make labor quicker. I avoided it during pregnancy though, because it might cause early labor. Many people say that the baby will come when it is ready, but I just erred on the side of caution.

We put this on my lower back for pain during contractions.

I LOVED this one during labor. Germanium was my favorite. We also diffused this one, and I rubbed it all over, and I just loved it. I think the smell was very calming and it helped with the pain. My husband hated the smell of it, but I love it, and it was just what I needed.

… lastly, for the baby, the book I mentioned above and also many websites suggested using three oils on the baby. We followed their advice, these are the oils we used on our little baby:

put a little on the feet to help the baby, well, to get balanced. Used to the world. It is calming.

on the umbilical cord stub to work as a liquid band-aid

on the head and down the spine. Frankincense is good for the brain, so this might be why they suggested using it. We did have trouble putting it on our baby’s head because she had so much hair!

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