Earlier this week I planted my garden! This was my big goal for the spring, and it is so exciting to actually have my plants in the ground.

Before planting I read about how to plant vegetables organically. I specifically wanted to learn about companion planting because my aunt told me about this and she does it in her garden. Companion planting means planting different plants right next to each other specifically to benefit the plants.




Homemade Almond Milk

I have been using almond milk for about six years now, and I have always just gotten the store-bought kind. I didn’t like all of the ingredients on the label, but I figured it was better than conventional cow’s milk (which comes from sick, feed-lot cows on growth hormones and anti-biotics). Last week I went on YouTube and made my first batch of fresh almond milk. And it was delicious. I’m never going back. It just tastes so fresh. And honestly I never even drank the store-bought almond milk straight, I just used it in cooking and occasionally for granola. But this homemade stuff, I can drink it and it is just amazing. So I just had to share.

This is the YouTube video I found. The recipe is super easy, and this video gives you a “cheat version” too. (Although I must say, I’ve tried both and I think the real stuff tastes better)

Have you made almond milk? How did you like it?