Book Review: Brain Rules for Baby


When I was pregnant, I was busy preparing myself to have a natural birth. I kind of always had that goal for myself, and I made sure to read a few books about how to prepare for the birthing.  We were blessed to have an amazing doula to help us as well. So, while I did a decent job of preparing myself to birth naturally (which I did, and I am so glad everything worked out so perfectly), I did not do such a great job at preparing myself for after the baby had come. We had all the stuff we needed- a crib, clothes, etc., but I didn’t read a ton about being a mom, or parenting, or anything like that. Which I should have. More


Mashed Sweet Potatoes

This recipe is one of my favorites. After I made these, I could never go back to regular mashed potatoes. Sweet potatoes are still a starch just like regular potatoes (so not the healthiest), but their redeeming value is that they are a really good source of vitamin A. More

Why Cloth Diaper?

When I was pregnant, I researched baby products – how to take care of a baby, what I need for a baby (and of course, being me, everything needed to be natural, non-toxic, etc.) – and while I was doing my research, I stumbled upon a blog about cloth diapering. At first I thought “No way. I know that I’m extreme, but I am not that extreme. That crosses a line.” More

My Experience with Essential Oils for Pregnancy

I thought I would share my experience with essential oils during pregnancy and delivery. I started the oils around the time I got pregnant, and I loved them. I think they made pregnancy a lot easier. My doula gave me the book “Essential Oils for Pregnancy, Birth, & Babies” by Stephanie Fritz to read, and I used some of the ideas from this book. I also went on for tips on how to use them best during pregnancy. I found both these resources very helpful. I used the oils that felt right for me, but every body is different. So I would suggest to pay attention to what feels right with your body and go with that. Here were my favorite oils during pregnancy: More

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