Homemade Lotion


When I was pregnant I was searching the Internet for holistic advice on pregnancy. I found this recipe for stretch mark cream, and although I really wasn’t concerned about stretch marks (I hear they are mainly genetic, but healthy lifestyle also helps to limit them too), I decided to try it for fun. I had never made lotion before, and I’m all about making my own everything because if I make it, then I don’t have to worry about toxins, additives, or other not-so-great ingredients. Added bonus: homemade products are usually cheaper. More


Homemade Laundry Soap

Before I had my baby, I had a few days of no work and a little extra energy (because I was “nesting” as they say). I completely reorganized my kitchen and pantry, got everything ready for baby, and made laundry soap! I had been meaning to for quite some time before then, but I just hadn’t gotten around to doing it. But I am very glad that I got around to it because it is super easy, cheap, and healthy!

Laundry Soap

My Experience with Essential Oils for Pregnancy

I thought I would share my experience with essential oils during pregnancy and delivery. I started the oils around the time I got pregnant, and I loved them. I think they made pregnancy a lot easier. My doula gave me the book “Essential Oils for Pregnancy, Birth, & Babies” by Stephanie Fritz to read, and I used some of the ideas from this book. I also went on everythingessential.me for tips on how to use them best during pregnancy. I found both these resources very helpful. I used the oils that felt right for me, but every body is different. So I would suggest to pay attention to what feels right with your body and go with that. Here were my favorite oils during pregnancy: More